A History of Service and Quality


Our History

After eight years in commercial development, Trey Goldstein realized he wanted to work on projects that were more personally meaningful. He wanted to work closely with individuals and families instead of large corporations. With those goals in mind, Trey decided that he wanted to pursue custom luxury residential real estate.

Over the years, Cotton Construction has built numerous custom homes and completed multiple renovations for an array of clients. Though each project is unique, every project is built to Trey’s standards of quality, which he has instilled at every level of his brand.

Trey and Cotton Construction’s goal at the beginning was to build a solid team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and designers and not try to go after every single project that was available. With this intentional and methodical approach in mind, they have successfully built a network of professional artisans who share similar core values.

“We take a lot of pride in the quality of our project management, scheduling and efficiency within our construction. When we say we’re going to complete a task, we mean it and make sure it is fulfilled.”

Cotton Construction isn’t looking for accolades. Their goal is to continue to build on the reputation that they have. When their name is mentioned, they want custom luxury residential real estate to be the first thing that comes to mind. Although Trey brings serious business acumen to projects, his passion for what Cotton Construction is evident in his craftsmanship.


While attending Auburn University for a Building Science degree, Trey began working for Brice Building Co. Inc. After graduating, he was hired on full time as an on-site assistant project manager overseeing new additions and interior renovations for Children’s’ Hospital of Alabama.

In his eight years as a commercial project manager, Trey was a team member involved in projects totaling almost $1 billion, with the largest project equaling over $450 million that had nearly 400 people working under their guidance.

Even with all of Trey’s success, he gives credit to the fact that he’s been able to work under other talented developers. To this day, Trey mentions that an on-site superintendent who he worked for was “the most intelligent person I’ve ever worked around in terms of construction knowledge. He had no formal education, but took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew in terms of developing projects.” He stayed on that particular project for almost two and a half years.

During his last year working on the Jackson State stadium expansion project with Parker Construction Co, he began to feel that he wanted to pursue owning his own company with an emphasis in custom luxury residential real estate. Thus, Cotton Construction was founded. Trey applied his commercial development knowledge to his custom residential projects in an effort to streamline his process and become more efficient on-site. These systems allowed Trey and Cotton Construction to keep jobs on track and deliver on time.